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Statement on Draft Roe v. Wade Opinion

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 3, 2022 Contact:


REAP Statement on Draft Roe v. Wade Opinion

In response to the draft Roe v. Wade SCOTUS opinion, the Religious Exemption Accountability Project issued this statement:

The Supreme Court's attack on abortion access is part of a larger strategy by White Christian nationalists to restrict or outlaw civil rights for women, LGBTQ+, BIPOC, immigrants, workers, people with disabilities, and others. At REAP, we know what a world governed by religious fundamentalism is like, as our people have lived under it in our schools, colleges, homes, workplaces, and churches. It is hostile and dangerous for all minorities.

REAP remains committed to holding institutions accountable for the abuses they commit in the name of religion.

REAP attorney Paul Southwick commented "Title IX religious exemptions allow taxpayer-funded schools to abuse their power by disciplining students who have abortions or are LGBTQ+. Here, the Supreme Court has abused its power in order to punish people who need abortions and done so in service to White Christian nationalism. They must be held to account


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