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Our Mission

REAP fights for the safety, bodily autonomy, justice, and human rights of LGBTQIA+ and other communities marginalized at many predominantly white, taxpayer-funded religious schools and colleges. Using campus organizing, storytelling through podcasting, documentary film, and speaking on campuses throughout the country, REAP empowers students, faculty, staff and alumni at these institutions to advocate for human rights, while shining a light on the dangers and abuses of a major educational pipeline of white Christian Supremacy. 


REAP envisions a world where LGBTQIA+ and other marginalized students, faculty and staff flourish, build community, have full, equal access to education at taxpayer-funded religious schools and colleges, and can access justice through government channels whenever they are discriminated against. REAP also envisions a world where religion is not used to harm or serve the interests of white Christian supremacy but instead contributes to human flourishing, affirmation of LGBTQ+ youth, and racial and reproductive justice.



REAP’s values include Safety: everyone deserves to feel safe in their communities, Anti-racism: acknowledging that oppression from white Christian supremacy in our spaces arises out of anti-Blackness and colonialism, Empowerment: helping students, faculty, staff and alumni share stories, build community and advocate for their rights, Justice: laws against discrimination should protect people at taxpayer-funded, religious schools, colleges, and other institutions because if you take public money, you should follow public laws and be held accountable for violations; and Bodily Autonomy: people have the right to make decisions about what they do with their bodies without coercion or violence, including with their sexuality, gender identity, gender expression, racial and ethnic expression, and reproduction.

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