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REAP Condemns Hateful Incidents at BYU

Earlier this week the Religious Exemption Accountability Project (REAP) condemned former Brigham Young University President Jeffrey Holland for violent rhetoric targeting LGBTQ students. In a speech to BYU faculty Holland suggested that BYU Professors use their “musket fire” against LGBTQ ideology.

Now a viral video illustrates the consequences of Holland’s harmful words. The video appears to show a BYU student defacing a chalk drawing of LGBTQ acceptance at the south entrance of BYU’s Provo campus. The student then says “faggots go to hell.”

Statement from REAP Director Paul Southwick

“We’re horrified to see this hateful display of ignorance at BYU. Horrified, yet not surprised after Elder Jeffrey Holland gave license for such conduct, using dangerous and warlike comments against LGBTQ students earlier this week.

This incident shows the dire ramifications of so-called leaders spreading hateful messages. Those messages contribute to putting LGBTQ students in harm’s way. We reiterate our condemnation of Holland’s remarks and we hold him responsible for this subsequent act of hate on BYU’s campus.”

“As students across the country return to their universities, many are expressing serious concerns for their safety and wellbeing, they must be protected.

We call on U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland to investigate the unfolding crisis at BYU. It is time to end anti-LGBTQ discrimination at religious colleges now. And It is time to end the religious exemption to Title IX protections.”

REAP Executive Director Paul Southwick will be issuing a live statement at 3:00PT here, live on Facebook:


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