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LGBTQ+ Students and Allies Demonstrate for Equality at Fresno Pacific University

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LGBTQ+ Students and Allies Demonstrate for Equality at Fresno Pacific University after Administration Denies Status to Pride Group

On Wednesday, March 16th, LGBTQ+ students and Allies rallied together in community in opposition to Fresno Pacific University administration’s open discrimination against Queer and Trans students on its campus. REAP’s Campus and Alumni Organizer, Erin Green was there to support and speak publicly against the university’s recurring harmful actions targeting its LGBTQ+ student body.

In 2021, the FPU administration denied LGBTQ+ students the ability to form their own Pride club offering safety and protection to Queer and Trans students attending the college. These same students filed a formal WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) accreditation complaint against the school and called for a formal investigation to take place.

Furthermore, the students formed an underground LGBTQ+ club called, “Birds for Pride '' because they were denied legitimacy by FPU.

The purpose of this peaceful demonstration was to reinforce their message to the accrediting body, that WASC should indeed investigate the discriminatory actions taken by administrators.

Since 2021, REAP has been helping the LGBTQ+ student leaders of Birds for Pride organize and take measures to solidify their rights at Fresno Pacific University. REAP demonstrates its full solidarity with the Queer and Trans students at FPU. We wholeheartedly stand by Birds for Pride in the midst of the harms done to them and the ongoing discrimination against LGBTQ+ students on the Fresno Pacific Campus. We will continue to support Birds for Pride in ongoing efforts toward equity, dignity, and safety.


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