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Devyn Bryant


Covenant Christian Academy

Devyn Bryant lives in Colleyville, TX. They identify as queer. They have been a very engaged student, participating at school as an athlete in cross county and track, playing basketball, and performing in school musicals.

Devyn attended Covenant Christian Academy as a pre-K student and continued until August 2020, when they were expelled. After coming out as queer during their junior year, they met with school administrators repeatedly, who said it was their priority to keep Devyn in school. They asked Devyn to not disclose their sexual orientation publicly and to refrain from dating in and out of school. When a new Headmaster joined before Devyn’s senior year, he reversed the decision of the Head of the high school and Dean of Students and expelled Devyn.

Following the expulsion, the Headmaster sent a letter to the entire Covenant Christian Academy community detailing what happened to Devyn and saying, “CCA has a duty to all current parents and children of our community as well as any alumni, alumni parents and future families seeking a solid Christian education. That includes any other young people who are choosing to align themselves with Scripture while struggling with same sex-attraction and especially our elementary age children who have been impacted.” Devyn viewed this as a way to humiliate and shame them, and to threaten other LGBTQ+ students.

Devyn is raising their voice to protect all LGBTQ+ students at religiously affiliated schools across the country.

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