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Consolata Bryant


Covenant Christian Academy

Consolta Bryant lives in Colleyville, TX. She is the parent of plaintiff Devin Bryant, who attended Covenant Christian Academy.

“I wanted Devin to attend a Christian school and receive a solid education,” she said. “I expected the school to teach my children about honesty, love and kindness.” But when the school learned that Devin is gay, they expelled him. In a phone call, the Headmaster told Consolata that Devin had chosen an evil path and that he was not welcome. The Headmaster later sent a statement to the entire school publicly shaming Devin and his sexual orientation.

“I am participating in this lawsuit because my child was discriminated against by his school for his sexual orientation,” Consolata said. “I do not want this to continue happening to other students or any other person. All schools, which are given responsibility for children, should not harm or discriminate against them on the basis of race, sexual orientation or anything else that makes them a unique child of God.”

She is raising her voice to protect all LGBTQ+ students at Covenant Christian Academy and religiously affiliated colleges across the country.

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