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Quinn Victoria Joy Bacon


Lipscomb University

Quinn Victoria Joy Bacon lives in Rowlett, TX. They identify as queer and as a gender fluid, nonbinary, trans womxn.

They graduated from Lipscomb University in Nashville, TN in December 2020. They felt unsafe on campus from the first day they moved in. Over the course of their education, school officials they met with often said transphobic and homophobic things and exhibited little respect for LGBTQ+ students. “I felt like none of the administrators who had the power to make things safe for me were actually safe for me to turn to about the harassment and discrimination I experienced on campus.”

Quinn’s attempts to organize an LGBTQ+ student group on campus was rejected, and they and their classmates endured many anti-LGBTQ+ lectures and statements from faculty. When they were sexually assaulted, they felt they could not report the assault. Quinn has heard from students who have been encouraged to participate in conversion therapy, hold off on medical transition, or delay engagements or marriages to people of the same sex.

Quinn is raising their voice to protect all LGBTQ+ students at Lipscomb University and religiously affiliated colleges across the country.

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