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Mackenzie McCann


Liberty University

Mackenzie McCann lives in Bethlehem, PA. They identify as non-binary and queer.

She attended Liberty University for one semester, leaving in December 2018 without graduating. She was a transfer student, choosing to shift her focus from Psychology to Biblical Studies. She wanted to be surrounded by like-minded individuals on this new journey.

“From the minute I stepped on to Liberty's campus, I knew it'd never be safe to be authentically myself (as it relates to my gender and sexuality's queerness),” they said. Liberty University’s student honor code, “The Liberty Way,” has a range of anti-LGBTQ+ policies and explicitly prohibits romantic and sexual relationships between people of the same sex. The school’s official policies lead to an unaccepting anti-LGBTQ climate. “Students at Liberty behave in homophobic and anti-queer ways because they know that they can do so with relative impunity. Liberty's culture enables such conduct and makes students feel like Liberty is backing them,” they said.

Mackenzie left Liberty University “because of the emotional strain that I was facing – for my own emotional safety. She now attends Pace University. They are raising their voice to protect all LGBTQ+ students at Liberty University and religiously affiliated colleges across the country.

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